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AQUA DAY 2022-23

2nd July 2022, Saturday was celebrated as Aqua Day in Prakash Junior and Degree College. All the students, teachers and non-teaching staff were dressed up in blue attire to observe this day. Students wrote up articles, created posters, pictures to spread awareness for water conservation.
The Global water crisis is one of the major issues that calls for an action. The challenges include water pollution, lack of sanitation, inadequate water supply for the people all over the globe. This day brings to light the great need for water conservation and to assure human right to water.

While academics are important, we at Prakash College believe that a little fun and frolic is equally important. They keep the interest level in college higher. The students and faculty celebrate these fun activities with equal fervour and look forward to more such events through the year.

PICNIC 2016-17
The Prakash College of Commerce & Science had organized One day Picnic for Junior & Degree students to WATER KINGDOM on 28th September, 2016. There were total 257 students from all the sessions. The students were served with delicious & healthy breakfast & lunch. The students enjoyed the wetlantic with wave pool, Rain dance, lazy river, Brat zone, What-a-coaster, Goofer lagoon, Adventures Amazonia, The lagoon and various slides like 75 & 90 degree, black diamond etc. The students enjoyed the day making it memorable & cherishable.

The Art, Culture and Dance Club had organized TRI-COLOUR DAY, ON 11TH 12TH & 13TH AUG, 2016 for students of all the sessions. The key motto to organize & celebrate the Tri-colour day was to ingrain patriotism & love for the nation within each individual. The colours used were a symbolic expression to denote its significance.
  • SAFFRON stands for: Courage/ Selflessness
  • WHITE stands for: Honesty/ Purity / Peace
  • BLUE (Ashoka Chakra): Motion (progress is the key to success)
  • GREEN stands for: Faith/ Fertility/ Prosperity
Through the participation of the students & the staff members the celebration turned out to be a real passionate one.

Friends are the gift of one’s soul, which can never be separated from each other. We, the Prakashians had Friendship Day Celebration on 16thAug, 2016. The day began with a chunk of excitement & entertainment where the students exchanged their bond through colorful bands. The college had arranged for music system to add in fun and play. The day turned out to be a great one.

Happiness dwells in all, so let’s make one happy by embracing the Joy of Giving. The Cultural Committee had organized “Chocolate Day Celebration” on 30th July, 2016 for students of all the sessions. On account of the celebration; an ambience was created to fill in immense joy and content. The entire crowd had a massive blast with the flow of music & sharing of chocolates on the floor. The day ended with sugar coated memories in the hearts & minds of all.

DENIM DAY 2016-17
Highlighting today’s trend; The Art, Culture and Dance Club had organized “DENIM DAY” for the students of all the sessions on 21st July 2016. The students wore trendy and cool denim attire during the celebration. Boys and Girls wore denim shirts, jeans, jackets, kurti’s etc. The students enjoyed by clicking their photos and the ambience created turned out to be a celebration.

The Art, Culture and Dance Club organized Saree, Tie & Rose Day Celebration, on 30th January 2016. The female students of all the sessions were dressed in beautiful, appealing & colourful sarees by enhancing themselves with a dazzling make-over. Boys wore complete formal attire with a tie and portrayed an executive look. On the very same day, a personality contest was held to hunt Mr. & Ms. Prakash 2016 to add a spark to the celebrations.
The students were chosen by various rounds to be MR. & MS. Prakash title winners. The title winners were acknowledged by making them feel special & prominent among others. The day ended with real joy & ecstasy.

JACKET DAY 2015-16
The Art, Culture and Dance Club organized and celebrated Jacket Day, on 16th Dec, 2015. The students of all the sessions exhibited themselves wearing trendy, cool, stylish & colourful jackets. The celebration created an ambience of fun & excitement to the core. The cultural committee sustained the spark in the day, by acknowledging the students & staff efforts of being dressed in jackets. The cherishable memories were captured to fill in mammoth contentment throughout the celebration.

RAS GARBA 2015-16
The Art, Culture and Dance Club had organized Ras Garba Celebration on  17th Oct 2015, exclusively for students of FYJC Commerce & Science. The key motto to organize the event is to light up the burning flame of religious passion in the hearts & minds of all, during this festive season (Navaratri celebration).
The students came dressed up in ethnic traditional wear which added more colours in the celebration. The arrangement of the DJ dragged the students on the dance floor, they enjoyed thoroughly. The students were judged on various criteria, there were many cash prizes and certificates allotted to acknowledge and boost up the spirit of the students. The day ended up with enormous merriment.

The Art, Culture and Dance Club organized and celebrated ANARKALI CUM KURTA DAY, on 24th September 2015. The students of all the sessions were dressed exotically in Anarkali and Kurtas’.
The girls wore appealing, colorful, long and flared gowns and decorated themselves with junky ornaments, make-up. etc. The boys wore elegant Kurtas’ and enhanced themselves stylishly.
The students’ efforts were acknowledged by making them feel unique and special. The cultural committee captured pictures of all the Students and Prakash Family Members (Teaching AND Non-Teaching staff members) by contributing enormous ecstasy in the celebration.

The Traditional Day was celebrated as a grandeur event, by meticulously working over it for its grand success. In order to spread this spirit of diversification and brotherhood among our students, the college celebrated “TRADITIONAL DAY” on 12 Sep, 2015.The key motto behind organizing and celebrating The Traditional Day was to infuse the values, by acquainting and respecting ones culture and tradition till one’s life span. The tradition is the identity of a person which helps him/her to learn about the importance of one’s culture and creed religiously. It is celebrated to integrate nationality and to sow the message of brotherhood and oneness within each person and to be versatile and adaptive on common grounds of interest and ideas. The college also organized a “Personality Contest” which was held in all sessions.

Students of all sessions, externally enhanced their appearances by dressing in colorful and attractive attires. The female students wore & fashonably flaunted their Bandhni patterned attires and the male students  wore bright coloured checks shirts on 7th Aug, 2015.  The students efforts were appreciated by making them feel unique and special and also were acknowledge by the staff of college who also presented themselves in the similar attires as their contribution to the celebration of this day.

The Art, Culture and Dance Club had organized ACCESSORY DAY on 27th July, 2015, for students of all the session. All the students wore junky ornaments and beautified themselves. Boys had worn dazzling glasses, hip-hop caps (spiked), heavy lockets; trendy bracelets etc. the girls wore heavy dangling, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, ring etc. The college campus was abuzz with enthusiastic students and ended up as a fun-filled day.

The freshers’ day program was organized in order to embrace new students and make them feel special and unique on 17th July, 2015. The college arranged for breathtaking surprises which raced the hearts of our students and made them go crazy.
The students were overwhelmed with the JAM SESSION held for them, this day brought in intimacy among the students and made them feel free to open up and enjoy to the core. It was indeed a blissful day which added memories in each and every heart and mind.

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I am thankful for the opportunity to express to you my gratitude for the privilege of learning from your college. For each of the student, a college represents a beginning, a beginning towards a better future. We want to reassure you that your gift of knowledge were incredibly profound, and they will never be forgotten. The members of your staff who spent countless hours with us, taught us so much. Our experiences with them served as the very first steps in the long path toward realizing our own dreams. Though we will never be able to say “thank you” in person but this is just a small way of appreciation for all your efforts.

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