The college has got a central & well furnished library situated on the ground floor. The library consists of more than 15000 texts, reference books on various subjects for Junior & Senior college students. It also avails with the facilities of rich online Journals, 15 Indian Journals and Magazines. Text books & other required books are purchased in multiple copies. The library is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to facilitate the students and members of staff for optimum utility. Apart from these services, every department has a library of its own where only the faculty members alone can use them. Recent collection includes Audio-Video materials to cater the changing needs of the staff and students fraternity.


Our class rooms are large and capable of accommodating a large number of students without cramping. All classrooms are well equipped with all modern technologies required to make the teaching –learning process fruitful such as LCD screens and PPTs are used in our fully air-conditioned classrooms for effective teaching. Also every classroom is impeccably furnished to accommodate 150 laptops at a time for I.T lectures to be conducted in the class itself and turning out the class into an I.T lab.


In our quest to provide all possible facilities to students, we have achieved a big milestone of providing free internet service to all students throughout our campus. We have launched free Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) in campus. Prakashians now have 24 X 7 free wireless connectivity providing access to the following sites:-

  • Whatsapp
  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • Mumbai University
  • Prakash college


The 3 state of art science laboratories facilitate a home to our students who are willing to create new collective knowledge and foster the next generation of scientific leaders. We harness the best of modern technology to support the intellectual curiosity of our students and faculty. Our laboratories with advanced equipments and facilities aid and stimulate our students to empower.

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Featured review by ISHITA MEHTA

I am thankful for the opportunity to express to you my gratitude for the privilege of learning from your college. For each of the student, a college represents a beginning, a beginning towards a better future. We want to reassure you that your gift of knowledge were incredibly profound, and they will never be forgotten. The members of your staff who spent countless hours with us, taught us so much. Our experiences with them served as the very first steps in the long path toward realizing our own dreams. Though we will never be able to say “thank you” in person but this is just a small way of appreciation for all your efforts.

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