Message from Shirish Gandhi - Prakash College of Commerce & Science

Message from Shirish Gandhi
Prakash College is not just one of our ventures but a strong sources of motivation and brings a sense of achievement when we educate young minds. My soul mate and me are committed to the institution of education since 1990. Our sincere involvement and intense passion keeps Prakash College and its sister concern institutions like Pratham, Manas, Yuva and Disha College and the respective managements motivated and abreast with the times.

As trustees I, Shirish Gandhi, my wife Bhavna Gandhi and our daughters Dr. Bhavisha Shah and Dr. Disha Gandhi believe that our accomplishment is based on the Scholastic and Non-Scholastic activities. We continuously gratify our Students’ achievements in the process of learning and provide them with updated technology and learning.

 Our students constantly strive for achievements in the field of sports and social activities to increase their confidence and bring about upliftment of the society. Our students at NSS unit gleam with their contribution towards the society. They begin and continue community work like Slum Adoption, Health Orientation Programme, Environmental Programme, Social Awareness Rally etc. while instilling the feeling of humanism at every stage. One of our glorious acquisitions is in the field of sports. Our students have won in baseball, Tennis, Cricket, Montex ball Cricket, Softball, wushu and Boxing at both State and National as well as International level enthralling every eye with awe and inspiration.

 We even provide platforms to our students in recognizing their talents. We have Intra College Fest – PRAKASH PETH & ADITYA UTSAV organized to unearth their forte. Prakash Peth is held every year, on account of imbibing and enhancing marketing skills and giving experiential learning. With this, students are led to explore and excel in creating and managing businesses and career. Our biggest event – ADITYA UTSAV (Sports Fest), is held in order to achieve sportsmanship by instilling the fundamental virtues such as determination, persistence, fairness, self-control, a sense of fellowship, etc.

 Trustees are not silent spectators but we actually contribute with our ideas and passion and fuel the management to think out of the box and raise the bar of our college and the students. All of us believe in the motto “Awake Arise and Not to Stop till your goal is reached.”

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Featured review by ISHITA MEHTA

I am thankful for the opportunity to express to you my gratitude for the privilege of learning from your college. For each of the student, a college represents a beginning, a beginning towards a better future. We want to reassure you that your gift of knowledge were incredibly profound, and they will never be forgotten. The members of your staff who spent countless hours with us, taught us so much. Our experiences with them served as the very first steps in the long path toward realizing our own dreams. Though we will never be able to say “thank you” in person but this is just a small way of appreciation for all your efforts.

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